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"Love in Every Language” worldwide photography project!!! (underway June 14, 2015)

   LOVE – We cannot see it. We cannot prove it. We all experience the power and influence of it in our lives. It binds us together as one. It gives us hope and joy. It makes us come alive. No one understands it completely. We all believe in it.

   There is a Chinese tradition where artists use long brushes and plain water to write calligraphy (shufa) on the surface of the ground. Though the writing, which quickly evaporates, only exists temporarily, yet the meaning and substance of what is written lives on in people's hearts. . . . This art project combines the mystery of love and this Chinese traditional art form to express the transience of things seen, and the existence of things unseen.

   Wherever you are living, we invite you to take part in this project by writing, with brush and water, in your own first language, the word for "Love” (if multiple words exist, please use the word for agape, or charity love). Write it wherever you want, photograph it, let it disappear, and then upload images using the button on the left by October 1st, 2016. See example photos below. Famous and/or recognizable places encouraged. Some photos will be exhibited online and in galleries around the world!

*Upon submitting you photograph(s) to ID Arts Alliance through this website or via email, you are hereby consenting to ID Arts Alliance free use of your photograph(s) as a part of the art project entitled "Love in Every Language", including but not limited to reproducing, printing, exhibiting, and publishing.

Thank you for your participation!

Combining a Chinese traditional art form with photography from around the world, the "Love" project will express the transience of things seen and the existence of things unseen.


Chinese man doing water calligraphy


Water calligraphy class

A Day in the Park

Chillin' (Love in Chinese)

Bus at rest ~ Chengdu, China

Megan P Minneapolis, MN, USA

Kim B, USA